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  • 2024/03/13

    SupportFulfillmentDashboardStorefront API

    New Features

    • Dashboard users can now create orders on behalf of customers manually. These orders are classified as Dashboard orders in the reports filter Source.
    • Fulfillment locations can now be restricted to only ship to a specified list of countries enabling a simpler path to more complex fulfillment routing scenarios.
    • We now have dynamic IP address filtering to prevent continuous failed transaction attempts and card testing attacks.


    • We've improved support ticket filtering to prevent inbound spam emails from creating duplicate tickets.
    • The Storefront GraphQL API integrated explorer has gotten a full overhaul with a new UI and faster load times for documentation, see /api/graphql/.
    • Storefront customer accounts now follow the store brand color settings for a more immersive customer expereince.
    • When Apps create notes over the API, the App name is now shown as the note creator in the customer or order timeline to more easily see the source of the note.
    • File type metadata objects now show with a link to the uploaded file for easier access and viewing.
    • We've fixed Maxmind warnings due to empty values passed for address fields when not present instead of null.
    • Bankcards with an expiration date that has already passed are now automatically filtered from storefront checkout flow, given they are deemed to be ineligible for new payments.
    • We've improved our address handling logic for APMs to prevent invalid addresses from being accepted through APM payment flows.

    Bugs Fixed

    • Fixed an issue with subscription timeline gateway change event detail to track the changes correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where it was possible to double-click storefront account action buttons while they were processing and cause a 500 error.
    • Fixed an issue with drag and drop image uploading into content WYSIWYG editors.
  • 2023/1/4

    CheckoutAdmin APIReportsOrdersMetadataFulfillmentStorefront API

    New Features

    • Introducing a new Order Detail layout view that greatly improves order management UX.
    • Metadata fields can now be enabled as Search Filters, making them much more useful as data points throughout the system.
    • The Admin API now allows passing a custom shipping_price to override the default price for the passed shipping_method to simplify order creation on the Admin API.
    • The Storefront GraphQL API now includes Products for cart line items, subscription properties to preview the subscription that will be created after checkout, and support for adding and removing vouchers.


    • Report date pickers now include a "Last Month" date range.
    • Improved the checkout flow to maintain an anonymous user's email address when going back to the shipping information step.
    • Improved PayPal transaction logging to redact the password so it's not available in logs.
    • order.updated and customer.updated webhook events are now triggered when updating metadata on orders and customers.
    • Improved the Blog Posts dashboard list view by adding the Post Date which is most relevant for blog posts.
    • Optimized subscription list view queries for more reliable page load times.
    • Improved customer ip_address validation to prevent invalid IP address from being passed into this field and failing downstream.
    • Improved the ShipStation Cancel Order logic to handle cases where the order has already been removed from ShipStation.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue with Orders Overview Report showing user's email instead of the associated user account.
    • Improved the subscription renewal logic to check for subscriptions that have had a payment event within the last 24 hours, and exclude them from being considered for renewal.
    • Fixed an issue with Partner Reports where the Funnel field was expected to be exact but it was icontains causing the report to show unexpected results.