New Features

  • Order Confirmation pages now feature a new Invoice link allowing customers to easily print an invoice for their order.
  • The new Subscription Forecast report summarizes subscriptions by their next renewal date to help merchants preview upcoming revenue and project recurring product demand.


  • The Storefront Checkout flow now creates new customer accounts and attaches their cart session to improve abandoned cart scenarios.
  • Address fields and formats have been improved for many European countries to reduce friction in the Storefront Checkout flow.
  • App Oauth settings have now moved to App settings in the Partner dashboard to ease the app development flow and reduce necessary steps for backend app integrations.
  • Legacy API Users have now been fully deprecated with the removal of the ability to create new API users and associated tokens.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed edge case issues that caused the Products List to be empty while updating a cart in the dashboard.
  • Corrected an issue where a Refund action was offered on already refunded transactions.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate notes being created when updating user addresses in the dashboard.
  • Fixed errors caused by webhooks attempting to send even though the user was not actually created due to a validation error.