New Features

  • Dispute Management for Alerts & Chargebacks is now generally available and can be managed via the Dashboard. Disputes are fully integrated with Midigator for Alert and Chargeback management automation.
  • Block Lists have now been launched with the first List type of “Card Fingerprint (a unique id for a full card)” with future Block List types coming for Card Bin, Email, and IP address.
  • User Accounts with Phone Number only (ie without email) can now be created to better support markets that are less reliant on email addresses as the unique identifier and main communication channel for customers.


  • Orders Placed Report now includes a summary table
  • Subscriptions by Product Report now includes subscriptions that are Retrying status.
  • Dashboard Settings for the following extensions are now available
  • Omnisend
  • Midigator
  • Maxmind
  • Boxme

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed duplicate event created for COD Payments via Boxme.