New Features

  • Admin API Orders endpoint now has a new Payment Method option to accept credit or debit cards (bankcard) when creating a new order.
  • New Dashboard Settings for Email Domains to facilitate the setup and verification process for email sending domains used for store transnational emails as well as email handling for support tickets.
  • Block Lists now feature a new List Type, “Card Bin” allowing store managers to add Card Bins they wish to block from attempting to collect payment for.
  • Products now have Revision History for the content to easily restore to previous versions of the content.
  • Webhook Settings & Logs are now available via the Dashboard making it easier to setup a new hook or diagnose issues through the logs.
  • Stored Credentials Framework has now been implemented for all bankcard transactions to send appropriate data to gateways
  • Admin API now has a new Subscriptions endpoint as the base for retrieving and updating subscriptions via API, more feature dept o come.
  • Admin API now has a Partner endpoint to facilitate the creation and management of Fulfillment Partners via API.