New Features

  • Admin Order API now supports the use of Vouchers to apply discounts to item and shipping prices.
  • Admin Order API now supports a new payment method “saved_card” which can be used with a reference transaction id.
  • Admin Order API has three new parameters to assist with using a user’s (customer) saved addresses for billing and shipping.
  • use_default_shipping_address
  • use_default_billing_address
  • billing_same_as_shipping_address
  • Admin Order API now supports adding Attribution Meta Data which can be leveraged by integrations and webhooks.


  • Paypal Transactions can now be viewed and searched in the dashboard
  • Everflow integration settings are now available in the dashboard for sites that have this extension installed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing duplicate order admin notifications.
  • Fixed an issue with Boxme status updates not being able to update the line item.
  • Fixed an issue with the Order total on Customer profile showing items total instead of Order total.
  • Fixed typo with Subscriptions misspelling