New Features

  • Authorize.net integration is now generally available and can be added as a payment gateway in stores.
  • Disputes now have Resolutions which provide a clear workflow to "resolve" disputes and indicate the outcome and/or action taken.
  • Tickets can now be fully managed via the Admin API to enable more complex use cases and 3rd party support ticket integrations.


  • Updated Order Confirmation emails to link to a secure publicly viewable order detail view allowing customers to view their order status without needing to login to their account.
  • The Support "Inbox" views have been refactored and incorporated as tabs on the main Tickets list view making it easier to monitor tickets in different stages and more clear workflows.
  • Orders line items now clearly indicate if an item is on subscription and the related subscription details are available in a Subscription tab.
  • Product Variants now inherit their parent's product images and content by default making it easier to manage several product offer.
  • Overhauled the Coupon detail view to be more similar to Offer detail and also added pagination to the orders list table.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where export data sometimes did not have the store timezone applied.
  • We've now corrected an issue that caused orders without addresses to always attempt and fail to send to the fulfillment partner.
  • Fixed an issue with thank you page that caused a 500 error if it was randomly accessed without an order in the current session.
  • Corrected an issue with the dropdown list of users to create an API token for included all customers which caused a performance issue on stores with large customer datasets.
  • Fixed an issue preventing a user from updating a product slug.