New Features

  • Introducing Single Sign On allowing store users to easily access multiple stores from a single user account.
  • Klarna integration now supports a One Click flow allowing the customer to add their details into the Klarna Checkout widget directly for their order.
  • Stores now have a new Branding settings section allowing store admins to upload their brand logo and icon.


  • Store Tax settings now support "Tax Inclusive Prices" per currency for markets that require tax to be included in presented prices.
  • Support tickets can now be updated in bulk to change their status, assignee, priority, type, or add tags.
  • Test Subscriptions are now created when using Test Cards allowing merchants to fully test subscription processes and pricing.
  • Orders can now be filtered by Fulfillment partner on the Orders list view.
  • The Admin Cart API now has date range filter parameters to support searching by specific date ranges.
  • Resolving an Alert (dispute) that was created by Midigator will automatically sync the resolution to Midigator's Prevention API.
  • Support Macros now support order based replacement variables to make it easier for support agents to quickly respond to customers with information about their order.
  • The Subscriptions list view now has tabs with counts to easily see subscriptions by status and keep an eye on subscriptions that are retrying and past due.
  • Orders now show a Support tab when tickets are associated to the order for easier navigation to the associated tickets.
  • The dashboard cart view "Cart Actions" have been updated to simplify the UX for dashboard users to assist a customer with the checkout process.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where failed transactions were filtered before the Avg Value was calculated preventing them from being included in Avg Value calculations.
  • Fixed an issue where following a link from a report to a list view with a date_group querystring causing the the export to fail.
  • Improved the logic to prevent duplicate Paypal shipping events from creating in the case of an issue uploading.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Test Orders with Klarna payment from being deleted.
  • Fixed an issue with the order total calculation with taxes applied in the dashboard cart summary.