New Features

  • Introducing Braintree support for bankcard payments, you can add your Braintree merchant account as a Gateway and use it for your store checkout flow or on the API.
  • The PayPal integration now supports PayPal "Reference Transactions" with ability to use the Add Line Items API on orders with PayPal as the initial payment method.
  • The PayPal integration now supports automatically uploading shipment tracking data after orders have shipped from the warehouse.
  • Dashboard Localization Settings now support adding Additional Languages to your site dynamically as needed for store owners to manage their storefront content and dashboard languages.
  • Introducing Tax handling for refunds on orders to create a "Tax Credit" of the appropriate amount when a refund is given on an order to ensure that Tax Reports accommodate payment refunds.
  • A new Order Action has been added to allow dashboard users to resend an order confirmation email to the customer.


  • Storefront "Add to Cart" success messages on the Product Details page have been moved to the side cart simplifying the Product Detail template and template customization process.
  • Maxmind minFraud support has been added to the API to protect against fraudulent orders.
  • Fulfillment related settings for Fulfillment Partners and Shipping Methods have been unified into a single "Fulfillment" settings section.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing additional products added to an order from not showing in the Top Selling Products dashboard widget.