New Features

  • Disputes now have automated actions to add customers to block lists and cancel subscriptions when a dispute is matched to a transaction.
  • We now have an Agent Performance Report that provides a summary of Orders created and Refunds given by Agents in the dashboard to help monitor agent activity.


  • Orders with an automated fulfillment integration and are Processing status can now be manually updated to Shipped status and add shipment tracking details.
  • Bankcard display has been improved to now to show the Gateway and BIN in a popover allowing these to be easily seen throughout the dashboard.
  • We've optimized the queries on the dashboard customer detail view for faster response times.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue with line items with a manual fulfillment partner not updating the line item status has been corrected now.
  • Fixed an issue where removing an offer combination did not remove the combination on the related offer that was being removed and the current offer being saved.
  • Fixed an issue with Braintree where a failed transaction was not mapped to an internal transaction code.
  • Fixed an issue where order status was not updating when adding shipments to an order.