New Features

  • Introducing a new Subscribers dashboard to provide a full suite of metrics pertaining to subscriptions, monthly recurring revenue, cancellations, and cohort analysis.
  • Introducing store "Localization" settings allowing store admins to configure multiple "Storefront Geo's" to be configured for easy access by customers to select their country to see available products in their language and currency.
  • A new Tax by Tax Rate Report is available to summarize your Tax Rate reporting data along with an available export of all taxes collected and credited.
  • Order Line Items can now be exported as an "Orders Flat File" export which enables many manual fulfillment workflows and manual spreadsheet order data analysis.


  • Improved order Cancel options for dashboard users allowing them to optionally process a refund when canceling the order.
  • Customer Detail view now has a list of all Transactions related to the customer making it easy to access their transactions.

Bug Fixes

  • Sitemap.xml incorrectly included languages that were not configured to be public which has now been corrected.