New Features

  • Introducing "Test Orders" which allow store admins a reliable way to test order functionality without needing to worry about them going our for shipping or refunding the transactions. More documentation on this to come.
  • 3DS2 transactions that fail due to the card not being enrolled will now automatically retry as a standard transaction to attempt the purchase.
  • Introducing a new Transactions by UTM Campaign report allowing you to report on your transactions by Google utm_campaign attribution.
  • Orders now support multiple shipments in the core paving the way for more complex scenarios where multiple fulfillment centers are involved on the same order.


  • Product "slugs" are now editable in the dashboard on the product details view.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug related to Omnisend basket syncing for orders that abandoned during APM checkout flow or the bankcard transaction failed.
  • Fixed an issue where variant product's categories were not available on the API or in webhook data.
  • Fixed API response formatting to always format external system passed through messages in JSON format.