New Features

  • New Notifications editor allowing dashboard users access to customize their email notifications content.
  • New Transactions by Card BIN report allowing easy viewing of Card BIN transaction volumes and success rates.
  • New integration with eFulfillment.eu WS (BizzyBee) is now available to be installed on stores.


  • Improved the Orders Placed report which is now the Orders Overview with better columns and filters for easier Orders reporting needs.
  • Improved logic to group Omnisend "utm_campaign" parameters so that Omnisend email automations and Campaigns are grouped in the UTM Campaign reports.
  • Improved failed Transactions to now include the user if known so that these can be seen on the Customer detail view in the dashboard.
  • Improved the Storefront Geo settings logic to allow multiple countries to use the same language and currency and be able to maintain the country flag in the session when the user selects a geo.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Admin API Swagger schema being invalid.