New Features

  • Introducing a new Orders by Affiliate report that provides an overview of orders by affiliate with drill down into sub affiliate capabilities.
  • Payment Gateways can now be configured to only accept specific card types so that unaccepted card types for the gateway are not attempted.
  • Order line item quantities can now be updated before the order is sent to the fulfillment provider, allowing merchants to adjust orders instead of canceling and resubmitting.


  • We've now implemented a new permissions-based Home view for the Dashboard that limits access to the Dashboard areas to which the current user has been granted access. This has resulted in a move of existing Sales and Subscription Dashboards to the Reports menu, and associated permissions.
  • Payment Gateways configured to use 3DS transactions can now configure whether or not to automatically retry card not enrolled failures as Non-3DS.
  • Stock records management has been moved to the Catalogue section of the dashboard and now inherits catalogue management permissions.