New Features

  • Introducing a new Orders by Product report which breaks down orders revenue by product to help in reviewing product sales, revenue, and inventory forecasting.
  • Admin Order API now returns the tokenized payment method in the payment transaction response details, allowing the token to be reused in a reattempt.


  • Order Notes are now visible in the Customer Notes section, providing a consolidated view of all notes related to the customer and their orders.
  • We've now implemented Void transactions for Braintree to support voiding a transaction prior to the payment being settled.
  • Support tickets search filters now have more fields to make it easier to find tickets.
  • Incoming support emails are now handled with a new storage backend to support larger file attachments being attached to the tickets.
  • All date filter input fields now have a date picker making them more straight forward and easier to use.
  • ShipStation extension now uses batch order polling to significantly improve the efficiency of retrieving order updates on regular intervals.
  • Added validation to require first and last name on shipping addresses. It was previously possible to not pass these values, but they are required by most fulfillment providers.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue with Product SKU filters on Orders list and reports not applying properly.
  • Fixed an issue with support ticket email HTML content stored in the database being rendered improperly in the Dashboard.
  • Corrected an issue with missing CSRF token in storefront templates causing a 403 error.
  • Corrected CSV Export data issues on null fields that were incorrectly populated.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the wrong currency was shown when a cart was empty.
  • Investigated and fixed an issue that caused Orders and Transaction reports to show discrepancies in totals.