New Features

  • Introducing Tags for Support Tickets which opens up new ways for agents to identify and classify support tickets for workflow and reporting objectives.
  • Introducing Macros for Support Tickets with comment related actions so that agents can apply template responses to support tickets for more efficient and standardized workflows.
  • Dashboard users can now easily create a Support Ticket from the Order Actions which will automatically set the ticket requester, order, and related products on the new ticket form.


  • The Transactions CSV export now includes the original Order Date as a column which provides context for the time difference between the original order and the transaction.
  • The BizzyBee (eFulfillment Europe) integration now utilizes their new Batch API when polling for order updates.
  • The Midigator Extension has been updated with several improvements to support multiple transactions per order and a new setting to allow store owners to choose which Order Source Attribution field they send to Midigator as the "Marketing Source" for the transactions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where date filters for Orders List and Orders Reports were not timezone aware.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong currency to show on some disputes imported from Midigator