New Features

  • Introducing Orders by Tag report to provide order summary broken down by tag allowing merchants to track arbitrary tags in their order reporting.
  • Admin API Create Order with Tags which simplifies the order tagging process for Admin API consumers.
  • Dashboard users can now have a new customer action to add the customer to block lists which will block future orders from that customer while maintaining access to their account.
  • You can now configure a "New Ticket Notification" to be sent to an email address to notify store admins that a new support request has been received.


  • Shipping method currency pricing now supports a Free Shipping Threshold allowing merchants to set a currency specific value.
  • Storefront theme assets (CSS and JS) are now served via CDN making them faster and more efficient to load for site visitors.
  • Storefront Theme translations now have 2 levels of grouping making it more logical to organize theme translations which have also been verified to work with translation services such as Crowdin.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Shipping values on Orders reports to be unreported.
  • Fixed several issues related to timezone and date filters on views with date range filters.
  • Fixed an issue wherein order were stuck in processing status due to the line items being marked as shipped but the order was still processing status.
  • Fixed a performance issue on the dispute detail view.