New Features

  • Introducing Gateway Groups which provide an easier path to using multiple bankcard gateways and distributing the transactions for your store's checkout flow or API orders.
  • Introducing a new Transactions by Gateway report that shows a breakdown of all bankcard transactions by gateway for analysis of payment transactions.
  • Introducing Support Tickets by Product and Tickets by Tag reports with the addition of "Avg First Reply Time" tracking for all ticket reports, offering a better understanding of support staff responsiveness.
  • API users can now add or remove a customer from block lists by updating the is_blocked attribute, which will add or remove the customer from block lists.
  • Webhook subscribers can now subscribe to subscription.created and subscription.updated event triggers to receive subscription related events.


  • Disputes can now be matched to non-bankcard transactions, such as Paypal and Klarna transactions, for the tracking of APM disputes.
  • Omnisend processes are now fully asynchronous, improving our resilience against third party API outages.
  • Many Admin APIs have had query improvements, resulting in faster response times.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a conflict between the storefront subscription detail view and the side cart that caused a 500 error.