New Features

  • Introducing Blue Snap gateway integration for bankcard payments, which supports both standard and 3DS2 bankcard payments.
  • Introducing a new Orders by Funnel report showing a breakdown of orders by the source attribution funnel, allowing merchants to easily compare funnel performance.
  • Introducing a new Disputes Admin API allowing partners to build custom integrations on top of the payment Dispute features.
  • Logs for all Extensions can now be viewed in the Dashboard under the extension management view, allowing store admins to more easily debug issues with extensions.


  • The ShipStation integration setup form now makes a remote API call to present the available stores in ShipStation, greatly easing the setup process.
  • Orders created using Paypal Sandbox or Klarna Playground credentials will now be logged as Test Orders, which are ignored for reporting purposes and easily deleted.
  • We've now added sortable results on several reports, so that users can view reports data by different column metrics.
  • The Orders Payment Method display has been updated throughout the Orders views to show more contextual payment method information.
  • A new user column has been added to the Transactions CSV Export to show the initiating user of the transaction.
  • Refund and Failed transactions no longer offer any actions, preventing users from attempting to refund or create disputes from them.

Bug Fixes

  • We've now added better handling for several edge case scenarios on 3DS payment redirect pages, to prevent the user from getting stuck after a successful or failed attempt, or upon reloading the page.
  • Fixed an issue with characters not being encoded correctly in some email templates.
  • We've now restored a Homepage sitemap.
  • We corrected an issue that occasionally caused Klarna Transactions to fail, resulting in orders being created as "Part Captured".