New Features

  • A new timeline oriented Customer Detail view is now optionally available on stores, to improve the UX when working with customers in the Dashboard.
  • Open Carts can now be exported, allowing merchants to leverage this data in external workflows.
  • Store Settings now feature a new SEO & Social Sharing section to configure store homepage SEO meta tags and also provide a preview image when shared on social platforms.
  • Subscription shipping price can now be updated on the Admin Subscriptions API.


  • Customer's default shipping address is now automatically populated in the checkout flow to reduce friction and improve the UX.
  • Dispute handling of subscriptions has been improved with the new ability to provide a trackable Subscription Cancel Reason in the event a subscription is canceled due to the customer filing a dispute.
  • Improved the page load performance of the Orders List view with more query optimizations.
  • Product IDs now show in on Product Detail views making it easier for Dashboard users to reference them when using Checkout Links.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue caused by users using the back button after completing their PayPal order.
  • Fixed an issue with Orders search when the current page does not exist for the current search terms.
  • Added upload file type validation to Branding Settings to display proper error messages for supported file types.
  • Fixed an issue related to non-public products causing an error when attempted to be accessed publicly.