New Features

  • Introducing Apple Pay as a new payment method available in the storefront checkout flow and on the Admin API.
  • Introducing TaxJar as a new third-party tax calculation and tax reporting App to automate sales tax collection and reporting.
  • Checkout Links now support adding attribution metadata to the cart and order by passing a querystring with the metadata key and value, ie attribution_metadata.KEY=VALUE
  • The WYSIWYG editor now supports adding video embeds as a new toolbar option to easily embed videos into storefront content.


  • Improved the storefront checkout flow order summary totals to make them more clearly display applied discounts.
  • Updated the Product Class Admin APIs to use the product class ID instead of slug as the reference point for consistency across the Admin API.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues where user's IP address wasn't automatically saved in the payment redirect flows for APMs.
  • Fixed the order stats on Funnel overview page that weren't showing all orders associated to the funnel.
  • Fixed the Total Spent metrics on the Customers List view to display correctly.
  • Fixed the Subscriptions Dashboard New Subscribers chart to include all subscriptions created within the timeframe.
  • Fixed missing validation for Attribution Metadata on the Carts Admin API to be consistent with the orders Admin API.
  • Fixed a minor display issue for Apps that don't have a public version yet and installed on development stores.