New Features

  • Introducing a new Klaviyo integration that now supports Klaviyo subscription ecommerce event tracking as well as adding customers to an SMS subscribers list.
  • The Orders Add Line Item Admin API now supports adding items on subscription as an upsell to the original order.
  • The Tickets Admin API now supports filtering tickets by order number to look up tickets related to specific orders.


  • Improved database queries on Carts and Orders Admin APIs for improved response times.
  • Improved the Order pipeline to allow "completed" status to change back to "confirmed" on the Dashboard and Admin API.
  • We've improved the stock record form to not include stock allocation fields for products that don't have stock tracking enabled.
  • App Webhook failures now send notifications to store admins and the app developer.
  • Permissions label for access to managed installed Apps has been updated from the old label Extensions to match with current label Apps.
  • Improved the checkout flow "Back to Information" and "Back to Shipping" links logic on the Payments step to adapt properly when there are shipping options available or not.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a missing validation point to prevent rendering issues on storefront.
  • Fixed an issue where improperly named templates caused a 500 error.
  • Fixed an issue with the funnel field on the Admin API not being null-able.