New Features

  • Order Metadata and Order Attribution Metadata can now be edited in the dashboard on the Order detail view improving workflows for dashboard users.
  • Transaction details now have Attribution data to more easily see the source of the transaction, especially useful for failed transactions that did not successfully create an order.


  • Improved database queries on Customer list view with a new approach to customer total spend to improve load speeds by 2x.
  • We've now added support for product_id to the Admin API for carts, orders, and subscription line items.
  • The labeling and error messages for App Kit setup has been improved for better DX.
  • We've now added support Auth/Catpure flows for upsells and refunds using Avalara tax calculation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue related to customers not receiving the password reset email if they did not have a password set for their account.
  • Fixed an edge case related to Variant Products not showing the lowest price on the product catalogue view.
  • Fixed an edge case for Auth/Capture flows where payment was automatically captured on fulfillment even when setting was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where public child products were still shown in the Google Merchant feed even though the parent was set to non-public.
  • Fixed an issue where we failed to match chargebacks to failed transactions.