New Features

  • Introducing a completely new Storefront Checkout, designed to improve conversion rates and support more robust customization.
  • Avalara Avatax integration now supports setting specific currencies to use tax inclusive pricing, allowing a store to sell products in multiple currencies with different pricing/tax strategies.
  • Orders Reports now have UTM oriented reports for all UTM parameters; UTM Source, UTM Medium, UTM Campaign, UTM Term, and UTM Content.
  • It is now possible to trigger polling of fulfillment partners for older orders, to sync any orders that might have been late (past 7 days) being shipped.


  • Order & Customer Notes have been revamped with a new UI layout for easier use.
  • Non-public products can now be chosen when updating or adding order line items in the dashboard.
  • Low stock alerts have been moved to the Stock Records section of products for improved UX.
  • The Order shipping price display has now been simplified to show the actual shipping price.
  • Updated the Order Shipments API to respond with the order shipment details when adding a shipment.

Bug Fixes

  • We've now corrected an issue where products with 0 available inventory could be purchased on the API, even if stock was tracked and no stock was available.
  • Fixed an edge case issue with the Admin Orders API caused by multiple cart recovery tokens for the same cart.
  • Fixed an issue where some stores could not create test orders due to the test card fingerprint not matching the expected card fingerprint.
  • Fixed an edge case issue that caused the Carts API to error when the product could not be found.
  • Fixed an issue to better handle when PayPal capture fails and creates an error when the user's PayPal payment method is declined.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple event logs were created for prevention.match