New Features

  • Subscriptions can now be created on the Admin API which opens up many more use cases of creating and importing subscriptions.
  • Customer Reports now feature reports for all UTM source attribution parameters to support more UTM oriented reporting views.
  • Funnels have now been updated to use Theme Templates which gives Theme developers access to editing funnels from their local with Theme Kit as well as more robust template functionality.


  • It is now possible to indicate a cart line item is an upsell on the admin cart api.
  • Themes now support revision history providing a backup of previous versions to be available in any situation when a backup is needed.
  • Coupon search now supports searching by name or code making it easier to find coupons.
  • Shipping Countries lists in the tables has been improved when there are more than 5 available for better UX.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented changing the requester on a support ticket.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented canceling Orders if the ShipStation log had been deleted by the background extension cleaning