New Features

  • Subscriptions can now be set to not send order confirmation emails for renewal orders.
  • Stand alone products can now be converted to a variant product allowing for additional variants to be added after a product already has a stock record.
  • Customers, Orders, and Transactions report summaries now all feature percentage calculations for Upsells, Shipping, Refunds and Net Revenue for easier key metric monitoring.


  • Gateway Group is now stored on transactions where the a group was used for the routing of the transaction.
  • Admin API endpoints for Orders, Carts, and Products have been significantly improved with reduced queries and faster response times.
  • Theme settings are now validated for errors that would cause the dashboard settings views to error.
  • Webhook request failure handling has been improved to properly log SSL and network connection errors instead of silently failing in the background.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an edge case where tax was miscalculated when tax is calculated with shipping.