New Features

  • Orders now feature two statuses, an Order Status and also a Fulfillment Status which provide more flexibility in order management and added support for orders that do not require fulfillment.
  • Products can now be set to not require shipping (ie digital products) through their product class which works along side the order fulfillment status. Orders can contain a mix of products that require and don't require shipping.
  • Stores now feature an XML Google Merchant Feed for easy product import to Google Merchant Accounts and any platforms that support Google Merchant Feeds.
  • Product Attributes and Options now support multi-language which provides the path for fully multi-language product variants in the store front.


  • We've now improved several fields on the Order and Cart API serializers and webhooks to support more robust workflows by integrated applications.
  • Webhooks now include related store context so that webhook receiving applications can use the context to easily support multiple stores on the same webhook endpoint.
  • Orders now include the card token in the response transactions allowing API users to use the card token in other API requests.
  • A Store's Payments Environment Key used for card tokenization is now easily found in Settings > Payments.
  • Subscriptions have a new action to update the Shipping Method and Shipping Price allowing this to be changed for future renewal orders.

Bugs Fixes

  • Corrected an issue where Customers status was transitioned from Lead to Customer status after they had made a purchase.
  • Fixed an issue with stock record search not including product variants in the results.
  • Fixed an issue with a missing registered template tag in the password reset template.