New Features

  • The Product Class of an existing Product can now be changed, enabling store admins to more easily manage their product catalogue.
  • Stores can now install Themes directly from the Dashboard, making it easy to install and setup themes during the initial store setup process, or switch to a new theme.
  • Themes can now be downloaded from the Dashboard, allowing users to download a theme from one store for backup, or for easy copying to another separate storefront.
  • Dashboard users can now bulk update Subscriptions' Gateway and Next Renewal Dates, improving bulk subscription management.
  • Canceled subscriptions can now be reactivated via the Dashboard, providing a simple way for merchants to recover subscriptions that may have been accidentally canceled.


  • Theme templates have now been restructured for consistency.
  • Order Line Item management logic and validation has been updated to be more clear, and to address issues related to the changing of a product class, and its shipping requirements, on existing orders.
  • The get_checkout_url model method is now available as an attribute in product templates making it available for integrations that use it for JS events.
  • Links to child products now redirect to the parent product, with the variant id as a querystring, which provides a simple way for theme developers to activate the variant on redirect.
  • Querystrings on cart checkout urls are now carried when redirecting into the checkout flow so that source attribution values are captured properly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue related to order fulfillment pipelines causing orders to not transition to Complete status after being fulfilled.
  • Fixed duplicate issues with subscription webhooks, and improved the subscription lines serializer to be more consistent with cart and order lines.
  • Fixed an issue with Shipping State and Shipping Country not being rendered properly in export CSVs.
  • Fixed an issue on the Orders by Product report where product links were not properly drilling down to the Orders by Partner SKU report.
  • Product variant (child products) review links now redirect to the parent product to aggregate reviews onto the parent product.
  • Fixed an issue causing multiple order.created webhooks to fire for a single order.