New Features

  • Introducing OAuth 2.0 access to the Admin API, providing more secure and granular permissions for API users.
  • Stock Records can now be created and updated over the Admin API, providing API consumers more direct access to stock record data.
  • Orders, Transactions, Customers, Subscriptions, and Tickets now have Overview Reports which serve as the default view for reports, and where filtered reporting lists are pointed.
  • All Order Reports now feature a unique customer count in the summary and detail table to help expose customer counts in the context of Orders.
  • Subscription Reports now feature detailed reports for Subscriptions by Partner SKU and Cancel Reason for deeper insight into subscriptions.
  • Store admins can now add their store contact information to be used for public facing templates to manage their store contact info from a single place.
  • Store Dashboard users can now edit an order's Marketing Attribution data to correct or adjust as required.


  • Dashboard Subscription Detail View have been overhauled with the addition of address management and attribution.
  • We've improved several links from dashboard reporting widgets to point to more appropriate reports, and carry the date filters from the dashboard through to the reports.
  • Order Webhook events and the Order Admin API now feature related subscription information to show the current subscription lifecycle status of an order.
  • Product attributes for subscriptions (interval, interval_count) are now validated to be correct to prevent misconfigurations.