New Features

  • Introducing "Apps" as the future of integrations into the 29 Next Platform. In the near future Apps will be open to the public to build and publish to the App ecosystem.
  • Introducing Partner Reports which allow store admins to share pre-filtered Order Reports providing a way to share limited reports with third parties.
  • Storefront pages and blog posts now support custom page templates allowing store designers to create multiple custom layouts in themes for more unique customer experiences.
  • The Subscriptions Admin API now supports updating the payment gateway to provide Admin API users a way manage subscriptions.


  • The ticket detail layout has been improved with related order details, related tickets, and some ease-of-use enhancements.
  • Orders by can now be filtered by Initial, Recurring, or Non-Recurring to more easily find orders from different subscription life-cycle scenarios.
  • The Subscription Admin API now validates the card type for the selected gateway to prevent cases where the card type does not match the gateway accepted card types.
  • Email addresses are now forced to lowercase by default for improved unique validation and support for creating customers through express checkout flows.
  • We've now removed an old fallback feature that allowed us to support homepage content from a page instead of the theme's index.html page.