New Features

  • A new and improved Order Confirmation page has now been added to support more complex fulfillment scenarios and also remove the burden from theme developers.
  • The Checkout Flow now supports dropdowns US states and Canadian provinces to improve the checkout flow UX for customers.
  • Stockrecords now support a default Subscription Price enabling simpler Subscribe & Save setup for merchants who want to offer a base discount on products on subscription.
  • Newly created stores now have a placeholder page while waiting for the first theme to be installed and activated.


  • Shipping fee preview in the cart and order preview now show "Shipping calculated at next step" until the user chooses their shipping method for more clear UX.
  • The support email sending domain is now a dropdown of available sending domains that have been configured for the store.
  • Subscription charts have been improved to cut off the end for the current day as many of metrics are not yet not available and always zero which was resulting in poor UX.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the store switcher on the subscription list view.