New Features

  • Introducing Checkout Links, making it possible to construct links directly to the checkout flow with defined products and vouchers applied to the cart to enable external sales channels to direct customers straight to checkout.
  • Stores now can be configured to use a WYSIWYG editor (or HTML) for all of the content areas in the dashboard to help content writers and store managers more easily add and edit content.
  • Store Dashboard users can now add products to existing subscriptions to enable more flexible options in assisting customers in managing their subscriptions.
  • Customers will now receive a notification when subscriptions has been canceled to confirm this action has been taken.
  • It is now possible to add custom Metadata to Customers through the API to support custom data that needs to be stored and be available for export with customers.
  • Order Payment Status changes are now tracked so changes can be easily seen and used for auditing order changes.


  • Several improvements have been added to the Checkout flow including country geo-IP lookup, improved saved addresses UX, and dynamic form fields for localized address fields and labels.
  • Customer email logs now open emails in a popup to improve email display and remove styling conflicts.
  • Product reviews are now added through the Product List View template instead of the Product template to reduce complexity on the Product template.
  • Improved subscription event naming conventions for consistency and ease of future expansion.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an occasional edge case issue that raised a duplicate order number key during the order creation process.
  • Fixed an issue with Orders by Offers Report query properly supporting multiple offers applied to orders.
  • Fixed UX issue when canceling Order to more easily handle canceling a related subscription.
  • Fixed an issue with Product sorting inside of Product Ranges.
  • Fixed a minor display issue with an active class in the checkout flow breadcrumb.