New Features

  • When using Auth/Capture payment flow, payments can now be set to automatically capture on order fulfillment.
  • Filters UX has been overhauled throughout the Dashboard to make the active filters applied to the current view easier to see and clear.
  • Orders List View now supports generic searching by number, name, email or any address text.
  • Subscriptions List View now support generic searching by number, name, email or any address text.
  • Orders and Transactions Admin APIs now feature capture methods to capture authorized payments.
  • Webhooks can now be created to subscribe to Dispute events, to notify external systems when disputes are created and updated.


  • Checkout Links now support subscription based parameters to add items to the cart on a recurring interval.
  • The Product Details View has been completely overhauled for an improved UX when creating and managing products.
  • The public Order Status Pages now include a Google Map with a geolocated pin to designate the expected delivery address for the order.
  • Improved the Transaction Reports to better support Auth Capture flows including Voids so it is more clear how these transactions are flowing through the system.
  • Subscriptions connected to an inactive gateway will now transition to Past Due status with an event indicating the gateway is inactive allowing store admins to manually resolve the issue.
  • Orders that have a fulfillment tracking code but do not have a designated carrier (likely because the carrier is unsupported), will use a generic tracking page that can detect the carrier from the tracking code.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the billing address in the checkout flow showed all countries instead of matching to the shipping address countries list.
  • Fixed an edge case calculation issue with Net Revenue on Order reports.
  • Fixed an edge case where it was possible a customer had two open carts at the same time.
  • Fixed an edge case where re-activated subscriptions still showed in subscription canceled reports.