New Features

  • App Framework is now in public beta paving the way for third-party developers to build reusable apps to extend storefronts and core platform logic, see Apps documentation.
  • We now have an App available on Make.com to easily integrate 100s of services and create custom workflows.
  • Transactions list view and reports can now be filtered by Card Brand to improve workflows for card brand transaction reporting.
  • The phone_number field on the Admin API now accepts local numbers and will automatically convert them to E.164 format based on the user's first address country.


  • We've improved the default sorting direction for all reports to default to descending (highest to lowest) which is more in line with user expectations when sorting by report columns.
  • We've updated the layout of Page, Blog Post, and Support article editing views to use a two column layout for more UX consistency for content editing views.
  • We've improved the UX for managing Fulfillment Partner linked integrations.
  • We've improved the Admin API Product Class serializer to include the id, slug, and name so it can be used as a reference point for other APIs.
  • Updated the Order Status Page link from the dashboard to use the store's primary domain.
  • Product Attributes File Input fields now have improved UX formatting.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with new store creation not completing and getting stuck in the initialization state.
  • Fixed an issue with Omnisend orders not being able to sync when they don't have a shipping address.
  • Added better error handling for an edge case where a user's PayPal address does not match the country of their chosen shipping method.
  • Fixed an edge case where it was possible that PayPal returned more than one user.
  • Fixed an issue with Product Attribute file uploads producing a 500 error.
  • Improved validation logic to better handle postcode validation errors to properly return a 400 level response code.