New Features

  • Gateway credentials can now be updated through the dashboard allowing merchants to update existing gateway credentials without needing to create a new gateway.
  • 3DS optimized transactions and standard transactions that were downgraded (from 3DS) now have filters and icons to identify them in transaction logs.
  • Pages and Blog Posts now feature new SEO settings along with support using the tag in storefront theme templates allowing dashboard users to configure and optimize their on page SEO.
  • The dashboard theme editor now supports custom templates creation for Products, Pages, Funnels, and Blog Posts.


  • Gateways can be added (or removed) from Gateway Groups on the Gateway Settings view making it easier to manage which groups a gateway is included in.
  • Admin Order and Subscription APIs now support updating the shipping/billing addresses and attribution.
  • App installations on development stores are no longer tracked in the App installation activity events.
  • App name and version have been removed from App manifest.json as they are no longer required for the app installation flow.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a performance issue with blog post rendering to improve load times.
  • Fixed a Product API serializer issue related to product images.
  • Fixed an issue in the checkout flow showing card types that from inactive gateways.
  • Fixed an issue with shipping price shown in the subscription preview bubble in the checkout flow.