New Features

  • Payment attempts that soft decline can now be automatically retried once on an alternate gateway by configuring a re-attempt gateway group.
  • Order Fulfillment Location can now be changed through the dashboard, allowing merchants to move a fulfillment of order items from one location to another.


  • Orders list exports now include the shipping amount, to make this data more readily available for custom reporting purposes.
  • Storefront Assets list view has been overhauled to improve overall UX.
  • Internal Apps now follow our App UX, making them available to pin to the navigation sidebar and offer an overall more clear UX.

Bugs Fixed

  • Stripe Payment Intents transactions that use a 3DS flow now properly save the flow performed on the transaction.
  • Fixed a UI issue with duplicate product name badges showing in the report detail header.
  • Fixed an issue with express checkout flows to properly route fulfillment location.
  • Fixed an edge case with assets that prevent previously deleted assets from being re-uploaded with the same name.
  • Fixed an edge case where rapid order submission could cause a 500 error when the order already exists.
  • Fixed an edge case that incorretly consumed stock twice.
  • Fixed an issue with email attachments in support tickets expiring, causing them to be inaccessible.