New Features

  • Google Pay is now available for merchants to setup on their store as an express checkout payment method, and on the Admin API.
  • Reports list view has been overhauled to now allow searching and pinning of reports to improve report discovery and easy access to frequently used reports.
  • Discover card is now supported for 3DS payments. Merchants can configure their Discover Acquiring BIN and Merchant ID when setting up a 3DS Profile.
  • Returns and Return Line Items can now be exported for external use and analysis.


  • Orders report "Returns" value is now relative to the date of the orders themselves to help merchants better analyze returns performance relative to the order created date range.
  • Orders and Transactions using the Test gateway are now flagged as test transactions, improving the developer experience when test transactions are necessary for building an integration.
  • Webhooks now always send the latest object state which helps prevent any edge cases that could arise if webhook task messages waited in the queue for processing for a period of time.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue with the orders subscription lifecycle filter not working as expected.
  • We've now fixed an issue with the Inventory counts including deleted locations.
  • Fixed an edge case issue where it was possible to create a subscription with a value as an upsell if the initial order was 0.00 and did not have a retained payment method.
  • Fixed the display of line items in emails viewed through the dashboard when a user has dark mode enabled in their OS.
  • Fixed an edge case where removed apps prevented other apps from checking for an available update.