New Features

  • Introducing a new Admin API to retrieve store information such as the public contact information, available languages, available currencies, and primary domain to open up new and deeper integration possibilities.
  • Custom external payment methods can now be created in the dashboard and used in the Checkout Flow and Admin API when creating a new order to support custom payment methods that dont have native integration.
  • Disputes now have new status accepted available, and now support adding notes to Disputes on the Admin API, enabling dispute integration providers to add notes.
  • Klaviyo App now supports setting a default email subscribe list, and uses remote dropdown lists for an improved user experience when configuring the App.


  • Braintree payment gateway now supports descriptor_name, descriptor_phone, and descriptor_url custom fields, enabling merchants to customize them.
  • Storefront themes have been updated to use the object meta title in the <title></title>.
  • Order invoices and store notifications now use the store legal name as it's more appropriate in these cases than the public store name.
  • Products Admin API now features a sku to enable searching for existing products by their SKU.
  • We've improved the Admin API and Checkout Flow to validate cases an attempt is made to create a 0.00 (free) initial order with a paid recurring subscription.
  • We've now remapped the NO_AVAILABLE_PROCESSORS error code from Bluesnap to 5007 as it means the merchant account has been disabled at Bluesnap.
  • Campaigns App now dynamically shows the available languages and currencies that are configured on the store for a tighter integration.
  • Campaigns App - improved the campaign edit view to set the campaign currency field as read-only, as it cannot be changed after it's been created.
  • Improved API integration to always provide the end customer ip_address and user_agent so these can be used for order and payment processing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with initial declined payment re-attempts not being stamped as re-attemps when they fail.
  • Fixed an issue with product creation form field validation not showing properly when duplicate currencies exist.
  • Fixed an edge case with SKU validation when a product was converted from a stand alone to variant product.
  • Fixed an issue with Campaigns API that required the shipping address phone_number but allowed the field to be blank.
  • Fixed an issue with the Subscription Forecast report default subscription created date range, which is expected to be "All Time" with next renewal date range filters applied.
  • Fixed issues with order sub-affiliate reports including sub-affiliates and not properly filtering for the parent affiliate.
  • Fixed an edge case issue with campaign cloning when the browser default language converted price formats to use commas instead of decimal points.