New Features

  • Introducing a new Order Detail layout view that greatly improves order management UX.
  • Metadata fields can now be enabled as Search Filters, making them much more useful as data points throughout the system.
  • The Admin API now allows passing a custom shipping_price to override the default price for the passed shipping_method to simplify order creation on the Admin API.
  • The Storefront GraphQL API now includes Products for cart line items, subscription properties to preview the subscription that will be created after checkout, and support for adding and removing vouchers.


  • Report date pickers now include a "Last Month" date range.
  • Improved the checkout flow to maintain an anonymous user's email address when going back to the shipping information step.
  • Improved PayPal transaction logging to redact the password so it's not available in logs.
  • order.updated and customer.updated webhook events are now triggered when updating metadata on orders and customers.
  • Improved the Blog Posts dashboard list view by adding the Post Date which is most relevant for blog posts.
  • Optimized subscription list view queries for more reliable page load times.
  • Improved customer ip_address validation to prevent invalid IP address from being passed into this field and failing downstream.
  • Improved the ShipStation Cancel Order logic to handle cases where the order has already been removed from ShipStation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Orders Overview Report showing user's email instead of the associated user account.
  • Improved the subscription renewal logic to check for subscriptions that have had a payment event within the last 24 hours, and exclude them from being considered for renewal.
  • Fixed an issue with Partner Reports where the Funnel field was expected to be exact but it was icontains causing the report to show unexpected results.