New Features

  • Introducing Klarna and iDeaL Payments through Stripe as alternative payment methods.  These methods can now be enabled on the store checkout and Admin API payment flows.
  • Storefront Themes have been migrated to use a new GraphQL Storefront API, with the storefront sidecart now able to be controlled by themes, unlocking it for customization.
  • Product Variants (child products) can now be created and managed through the Admin API.


  • Content "excerpts" have been removed across the platform in an effort to make the UI more clear and easier to use.
  • The subscription renewal process has had several improvements to handle more edge case scenarios preventing renewal orders being created incorrectly.
  • All "Advanced" search buttons have now be renamed to "Filters" for improved UI clarity and consistency.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Checkout CSS to fix minor display issues on Firefox.
  • Fixed an edge case that caused an Order to not be created after a successful PayPal transaction.
  • Fixed an issue causing the available Apps to not show all.