New Features

  • A new Subscription detail layout is now available to improve UX and consistency with the new Order detail. Store admins can enable the new layout in store settings.
  • Product filters have been added to the dashboard and Admin API to more easily filter large catalogues of products by Category, Product Class or Range.


  • Product Categories have been improved to simplify their setup and management through the dashboard and Admin API.
  • Company Public Contact Details form store settings now populate contact details in all transactional emails.
  • Improved tax display handling for Canada and other international tax scenarios.
  • The Admin API docs now show the internally handled carriers that can be mapped to for tracking links and PayPal tracking uploads.
  • Added mapping for Expert from BizzyBee and for Evri International in Shipstation.
  • We've now added a new step to reset the ID sequencing on all tables when new stores are created so the IDs are sequential.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Source Type not being properly populated for all transactions.
  • Fixed error handling for some HTTP error response codes that were not previously handled and saved properly.