New Features

  • Introducing a new Customer Notes API that allows adding Customer Notes by external services on the Admin API.
  • Subscription reports now feature a new Monthly Recurring Revenue metric to provide MRR breakdown across the reports.
  • We've now added new Metadata Field Types for Rich Text, File, and Multiline Text with the ability to set metadata on Products.
  • We've updated our Admin API schema generator to Open API 3.0 to provide the latest schema features.


  • We've updated our database instances and connection settings to use persistent connections, reducing overhead for a 40% improvement in database performance.
  • Webhook event retry payloads are now more consistent and no longer re-created at the time of retrying.
  • Improved Checkout, off-site payment redirect flow UI, and several minor UI improvements throughout the dashboard.
  • Improved several UX elements in Partners setup and App creation flow.
  • Store Dashboard is no longer available in multiple languages, adding more focus on checkout and notification translations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that showed an unlocalized time in order notification emails.
  • Fixed an issue with Dashboard users not being able to access products in the new product picker.
  • Fixed an issue with Order Overview Report Export not following the Order list view as expected.