New Features

  • The Orders Admin API and order webhooks now include refunds detail for a breakdown of order adjustments, refunded items, and associated refund transactions.
  • Introducing a new suite of Admin Fulfillment APIs for external fulfillment services and warehouses to build fully integrated fulfillment flows.
  • In the Campaigns App it's now possible to "Clone" a campaign to reduce setup time for creating and testing campaign variants.
  • Our Klaviyo integration has been updated to include "Items" in the Refunded Order event to include the refunded items in refund email notifications.
  • Klaviyo Placed Order events now include subscription_lifecycle and subscription_billing_cycle attributes making it possible to create Dynamic Segments in Klayvio of customers based on their subscription billing cycle.
  • Users can now enable/disable a server driven Klaviyo Started Checkout triggered by the store abandoned.cart webhook event.
  • Everflow users can now optionally include Tax in the conversion values sent to Everflow for reporting.


  • The Orders list view is now filtered to Open orders by default for a workflow-oriented user experience as open orders require merchant action.
  • Fulfillment partners has been renamed to locations on the Admin API as this is a better representation of their role within the platform logic.
  • The storefront checkout flow uses Last Click attribution and now supports clear_attribution parameter that when passed as false will maintain existing attribution and only update with new fields passed.
  • Several Campaigns App UX improvements have been completed to improve user experience when creating and debugging campaigns.
  • We've improved and extended the webhook retry policy out to 10 days to ensure that webhooks are attempted for a long period of time.