New Features

  • A Product's Fulfillment Location is now automatically assigned to optimally route fulfillments to:
    • Minimize split fulfillments to reduce shipping costs
    • Stay within country of origin to reduce cross-border shipments
    • Prioritize shortest physical distance to reduce time to home
  • Declined bankcard transactions are now throttled to allow a maximum of 4 attempts within a 10 minute window, to prevent customers from continuously trying a failing bankcard.
  • Introducing a new Inventory view that summarizes the available inventory per product across all fulfillment locations, to help merchants more easily monitor stock levels.


  • Support Ticket Macros have now moved to the main Support section to make them available to create and maintain by all users with access to Support.
  • Product stock records can now be deleted through the dashboard. Note, legacy usage of stockrecord_id on the Admin API is still currently supported but we recommend all API users to update to using product_id instead.
  • Customer first and last name fields are now optimistically populated from the names on shipping address information, if they are blank.
  • Orders on the Admin API now feature report_values that are a foreign exchange conversion to the store reporting currency (USD), allowing external platforms to pull the same reporting values.
  • Campaigns App shipping methods are now available on the Campaigns API allowing campaign developers to dynamically pull and populate these into campaign frontends.
  • Campaigns App cartCreate and orderCreate API calls now return product_sku in line items to support event tracking integrations that require product_sku in the event details.
  • Campaigns App packages now support a "Retail Price" to makes it easier for campaign developers to pull this into their designs to show a discount to customers dynamically.