New Features

  • We've now released a new Admin API version, 2024-04-01, which has much improved schemas for better performance and consistency.
  • Duplicate orders are now detected and blocked to prevent customers from accidentally creating multiple orders with the same products within a short timeframe.
  • Admin API reference documentation now features the capability to send example requests to quickly test API requests/responses.


  • Test orders no longer impact product inventory counts to improve product inventory tracking.
  • Storefront asset uploading has been significantly improved from a UX perspective to be more intuitive.
  • Fulfillment event timeline details now include tracking information to surface shipment tracking information within the context of order history for more clarity.
  • Product titles shown in Campaigns app are now automatically updated when the source product is updated to keep these in sync.
  • Campaign API users can now pass a language in the user object to override the campaign default language if selling in multiple languages.
  • Store domains now have improved validation to prevent invalid domains from being added to stores.

Bug Fixes

  • The list of available locations to move a product to has been fixed to not include deleted locations.
  • Returns export errors caused by unsafe handling of null values have now been fixed.
  • Edge case issues with Apple Pay default account country have been fixed.
  • Subscription list views and reports incorrectly offered sorting by total which has now been corrected.