New Features

  • Introducing support for AirWallex, a new payment gateway for bankcard payments specializing in cross-border payments around the world.
  • Tracked shipment events can now be uploaded to a new Fulfillment Events API that broadens order life-cycle tracking and reporting capabilities all the way to delivery.
  • Theme developers can now query store objects with a more flexible and powerful where template tag that allows object types, lookup expressions, and variables to passed into.
  • Merchants can now configure storefront Customer Accounts to enable or restrict customers from self-managing their subscription next renewal dates or recurring schedule. 
  • The storefront checkout flow now has a more optimized flow for digital only orders that do not require shipping addresses or shipping methods.


  • Email sending domain setup flow has been simplified and improved to ease the setup of new email sending domains.
  • Subscription action modals have been updated to be standard modals for improved UX and consistency.
  • Campaigns App now uses the latest Admin API version 2024-04-01 for all of its interaction with the store platform when creating orders.
  • We now track events on subscriptions when the associated payment method is updated by the customer in their storefront account.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few edge cases with Campaigns API rate limiting to improve rate limit handling while under attack.
  • Fixed a typo in store API for correctness.
  • Fixed an issue with cloning campaigns to always select the proper gateway group.