New Features

  • Introducing 3PL Central as a new fully integrated Fulfillment Sevice App allowing merchants to automate their fulfillment flow with warehouse providers using 3PL Central WMS. 
  • Developers can now subscribe to webhook events for gateway.created and gateway.updated to stay up to date with store payment gateway configuration changes.
  • Customer Accounts now have a new setting to disable Support Ticketing for merchants that don't use our internal ticketing functionality.


  • Theme developers now have the ability to create settings for Product Categories that can be used to dynamically populate storefront theme templates.
  • The Dashboard Create Order form now follows the cart max items setting so it's consistent with the storefront when adding products an order.
  • We've now added YunExpress as a core fulfillment carrier and also now automatically detect and map YunExpress tracking codes through the ShipStation app.
  • It's now possible to pass multiple stockrecords when creating a product to simplify the workflow of external systems creating products in a store catalogue.
  • We've improved the logic and process of notification to Fulfillment Service Apps when they have many new fulfillments available waiting to be accepted.
  • The partner_transaction_id field has been removed from the Admin API to improve clarity for external API data consumers.
  • We refactored the customer selection and creation UI on Gift Cards to follow the Create Order UI for UX consistency.
  • Product structure has been removed from the Admin API for increased clarity.
  • We've improved thumbnail generation and handling for Campaigns App to support images with transparent backgrounds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the storefront checkout flow where the customer email address field disappeared when navigating back to the information step from the payment step.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate product categories causing a 500 error instead of a standard validation error.
  • Fixed an edge case that prevented parent products that have variants from being able to be deleted.
  • Fixed an edge case where decline throttle settings did not work properly if a payment gateway was not active.
  • Fixed an issue where the customer's first address added through the Dashboard was not set as the default shipping and billing address.