New Features

  • Store admins will now receive a notification if a payment gateway is rejecting transaction attempts, to more quickly surface potential gateway issues that require attention.
  • Webhooks product.created and product.updated events are now available to be subscribed to by external systems for monitoring products in a store, and to enable deeper integrations.


  • The background Paypal carrier tracking upload logic has been overhauled and improved to use a bulk upload API, and to upload tracking numbers for "other" shipping carriers that are not mapped.
  • The Campaigns API order response details now includes the order_status_url making it possible for campaigns to leverage the storefront order confirmation page and invoice views.
  • Disputes can now be filtered by the related gateway in the Dashboard and Admin API.
  • Google Pay accounts are now validated for their uniqness to prevent accidental adding duplicates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with block counts on Block Lists not incrementing in all cases.
  • Fixed an edge case where a customer's IP address was not saved when the customer record was created through the storefront checkout flow.